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"I started this clinic so our community could receive the best quality of care possible.  We maximize recovery and performance by providing 1:1 treatment, which allows us to tailor programs specifically for each individual, and serve as a partner throughout their journey to recovery."​

Dr. Leslie Frater

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What our customers say about us

My aunt has been a client here with John and I have seen first-hand the amazing results. She went in unable to walk at all, on a walker, after a year of near-death experiences. John was instrumental in pulling her through the hardest times of her life. I highly recommend for anyone who needs personal, relational therapists who are experienced and passionate about their care.
C. B.
I was referred to FIT Physical Therapy by my primary care doctor, and I’m so glad I was! I met with PT Mikyla for 8 weeks for an issue I was having. I am now exiting my PT services with an almost 100% improvement in symptoms. Mikyla was kind, supportive, and knowledgeable about my particular issues. She provided me with the tools I need to be successful. The receptionists were also very helpful and kind. All in all, it was a fabulous experience and I will be forever grateful to Mikyla for her help! ❤️
My time before my surgery and the months following my surgery were wonderful.  The atmosphere is encouraging from all of the therapists and very professional.
K. F.
Patient Survey
Valerie is the best of 8-10 PTs that I have worked with!  Valerie's approach was both challenging and customized to my needs.  I quickly developed full confidence in everything she had me do.  I was very nervous at first; it had been months of pain culminating in surgery.  She seemed to intuit what I needed and when.  I always had her undivided attention and she is a true expert all star in her profession.  I am and will forever be grateful for her help, friendliness, patience and skill!
E. H.
Patient Survey
Actually life changing.  The quality of my everyday life can get better now that I've been helped in finding the source of my problem.
S. B.
Patient Survey
FIT is a wonderful place!  My therapist, Colette, exceeded my expectations!  Her kind, thorough and great knowledge helped me improve.  She's easy to schedule with and I love her positive attitude. The front office staff were always kind and helpful.
L. H.
I searched the internet for a place that seemed to care about patients. What impressed me during my search, that unlike the previous place I went to where assistants handled the therapies, sometimes three different assistants in a one hour session - at FIT every person was a licensed physical therapist - not assistants - and all sessions were on a one on one basis with the same person throughout your recovery.…Thank you Leslie for making your great facility and personnel available to those who need it - You and FIT Physical are truly exceptional!
K. H.
I really enjoyed my time here at FIT. It really helped to boost my confidence in working out and helped me get back to where I want to be physically. I don't think I would have recovered as swiftly without it.
Written Testimonial
I have never had PT before and was apprehensive about sharing my pelvic floor concerns. The therapists were so patient and professional and put me at ease. Exercises felt very productive. Lindsey was so skilled at constructing sessions and at-home exercises to meet my goals.
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