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I graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Kinesiology from The University of Texas at Tyler. I have had the privilege to study under a list of great trainers that taught me more than I ever imagined and gave me a platform to help others. Healthy and efficient movement changed my life and I hope to help others reach that same benefit. I continually try to raise the bar with corrective exercise and functional movement training to provide the best outcomes for my clients. I have the privilege to work with a wide variety of clients including athletes, those graduating from physical therapy, and people who just want to change their biomechanics for the better. Although moderation is key, I am a coffee enthusiast, taco connoisseur, and I do enjoy hitting a little white ball around a field sometimes.

Dr. Julia Buckelew was born and raised in the culturally rich city of New Orleans. Her  family was immensely involved in supporting the performing arts of theater, dance, and  music. Dr. Julia inherited her love of dance from her grandmother, who studied under Martha  Graham. Many of her childhood memories are of spending time with her grandmother as she  worked on productions at Le Petit Theatre, The New Orleans Ballet, and the New Orleans  Opera. These special times ignited her lifelong passion for the performing arts. Her love of  dance was forged when, as a young girl, she saw an early production of Matthew Bourne’s  Swan Lake onstage at London’s Westend. As an athlete herself, she respected the strength,  discipline, control and grace required of dancers. 

Focusing on her love of dance, movement, and her passion for health and wellness, Dr. Julia received a Bachelor of Science degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Kinesiology from Louisiana State University; and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Texas Woman’s University. She is a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Her clinical work as a Physical Therapist is now focused on the treatment of dancers and performing artists. Dr. Julia is an adjunct professor at SMU where she teaches Dance Kinesiology.

She has worked alongside dancers from Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Bruce Wood  Dance, SMU, Booker T. Washington, Elite Classical Coaching, The DASH Academy, The Dallas  Conservatory, Texas Ballet Theater, and Plano Dance Theater. Dr. Julia is a member of the  International Association of Dance Medicine Science and stays up to date on the most recent  research to educate dancers on ways to stay healthy as they perform and recover from  injuries. 

Dr. Julia is a Physical Therapist by trade, but a dancer at heart. Her passion and respect  for the art and performance of dance has led her to expand her practice to include wellness  and performance enhancement services for performing artists. She offers training with  special emphasis on injury risk reduction. Dr. Julia is experienced in working with many  different types of dancers of all ages, ranging from professional to recreational. She enjoys  helping people maximize their mobility, strength, balance, function, and performance ability  through exercise and movement strategies.


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